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Dian Zhang

First Violin

Dian Zhang joined the San Francisco Opera Orchestra in the Fall of 2017, starting out with the difficult but unforgettable Elektra by Richard Strauss. In the 9 years prior to his joining the Opera, Dian was busy collecting various degrees in music performance. Highlights during this time include 2 years of teaching music fundamentals and music theory to non-music majors at Rice University, and once giving a riveting 50 minute analytical lecture on Bartók’s 1st Violin Sonata. He has also enjoyed and continues to enjoy immensely performing chamber music and solo recitals for audiences around the world, from the Bay Area to the mountains of São Paulo. 


Dian self-proclaims as one of the official sourdough bread bakers of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, and enjoys bringing and sharing loaves of bread at orchestra parties. In his off time, Dian likes to keep physically fit by pedaling up hills on a fixed-gear bike and then complains on the way down about the bike not having any brakes.

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