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Shinji Eshima

Acting Assistant Principal Bass

During this summer of 2020, Shinji completed composing a new chamber orchestra score for the ballet SNOW WHITE, his first full-length, commissioned by Carolina Ballet. He also just finished composing ZHENG, an opera based on the life of the late mezzo, Zheng Cao. Shinji was featured in a live web stream for Seattle based Music of Remembrance on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bomb on August 6th. His full orchestra ballet SWIMMER, is scheduled for Hamburg Ballet next season as well as for San Francisco Ballet. A CD of it, recorded at Skywalker Ranch, is scheduled for release by the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra this year. Another CD, including his work BARIOLAGE (also a ballet that premiered at Carolina Ballet in late 2019), was just released by local virtuosi, Charles Chandler and Amos Yang, for whom it was composed.

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