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The Soul

The SAN FRANCISCO OPERA ORCHESTRA has faced crises before. We’ve faced earthquakes and the national tragedy of 9/11; we’ve faced the shuttering of the opera house as it closed for repairs. Each time we continued to perform.


This year, we’ve been called upon to reinvent ourselves. Our goal is to continue our live performances—we want to feel the energy that comes from gathering together to safely share music.


Having a relationship with you, our audience, is a privilege. We look forward to nurturing that relationship in new and different ways until we can safely join together again in the Opera House.


We are moms, dads, pet lovers, gardeners, brewers, bakers, triathletes, rock climbers, composers, writers, and definitely music lovers! Behind every musician is a unique story, one that led each individual to joining the San Francisco Opera Orchestra.

Please consider a donation to support the SF Opera Orchestra musicians.

We are grateful for the incredible outpouring of support we have received from the community.

If you would like to support us in our mission, we invite you to make a charitable contribution. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.



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